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They are already more than 30 years (not many more), the ones that we carry in one way or another dedicated to the world of video games the vast majority of the LUEGOLU3GO team.

Some of us began to dream of being superheroes, knights inside labyrinths, fighters on the San Francisco streets or pilots of the fastest spacecraft in the galaxy, at an early age and since then, we have not stopped dreaming.

Today we have the opportunity to convert what started as a hobby when we were just children, in a professional career, in a business, in a way of life.


Now, not only do we keep dreaming, but we have the great responsibility and we are so privileged, that we can make other people dreams through our games.


In addition to the above, we are a team of professionals with great experience in technology, the world of videogames, gamification, advergaming and transmedia.

Raul Nogales
Rafael Ruiz
Ivan Romero
Paulina Cantú
David Fernández
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