Nogalious travels the worlds of Rusadir in search of his daughter Marieta kidnapped by the evil Darama. A retro style game loaded with puzzles where the skill of the player is put to the test. Now available on PC and Steam.


The second title of the trilogy, Nogalious faces an interstellar journey in search of the sacred stone of Koong along with his new traveling companion: Mirilla. Coming soon 2019.


Dragorieta, the last title of the trilogy Las Crónicas de Nogalious, is the studio's biggest production, where Marieta, already a dragon, has to make one of the toughest decisions of her life: saving her father's life or recovering her human form. .. day and night. Comming Soon 2019.


In Alebrihe (TCG), you play as one of many albrije trainners in the fantastical world of Russadir!

In this deep and vibrant world, you can discover a lot of alebrijes, unravel the mysteries of the past, and battle to create your own legend!


The amazing universe of Nogalious bring you a new online version. Coming soon 2021.