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New Nogalious Update (PC Windows Physical Edition and Steam)

Hello everyone !!!

We’ve just updated the build of the Steam with some attended bugs that we share with all of you:

· Control implemented in Xbox controller

· Bug solved. You can now see the vines of the 4th screen in the 1st world.

· Bug solved. Horizontal platforms won’t introduce the character into undesired locations.

· Bug solved. The character will behaved adequately to bats when having the magic activated.

· Bug solved. The key won’t disappear during the tutorial.

· The control of the analogue joystick has been improved.

The PC Windows physical version is also updated to the same build. To update it, you just have to install the patch published on our web

The installing procedure is:

· Execute the file update_1.exe: A window with the updates includes and a dialogue box will open. Choose the file “data win” of the local installation from Nogalious PC in “c:\users\<usuario>\Nogalious” shown in the dialogue box.

· Search the file location in the hard drive. Select it and click on “open”.

· After a few seconds, the installation assistant will show a window informing that the update was successful.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us:


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